• Tim Harrington

    Tim Harrington

    Executive Director

  • Debbie Andriette

    Debbie Andriette

    Director of Human Resources

  • Amanda Trease

    Amanda Trease

    Human Resource Associate

  • Lisa Justice

    Lisa Justice

    Executive Assistant/Office Manager

  • Brianne Gruber

    Brianne Gruber

    Grants Manager

  • Tammi Ballas

    Tammi Ballas

    Administrative Assistant

Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence (ADAI)

  • Kimberley Arnett

    Kimberley Arnett

    Director of Community Services

  • Jenny Barlos

    Jenny Barlos

    Client Services Manager

  • Anna Jones

    Anna Jones

    Training/Kennel Manager

  • Audrey Johnson

    Audrey Johnson

    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Vera Arnold

    Vera Arnold

    Prison Puppy Coordinator

  • Judy Eckel

    Judy Eckel


  • Jordan Kwapich

    Jordan Kwapich

    Client Services Coordinator

  • Tina Calhoun

    Tina Calhoun

    Puppy Raiser Coordinator

  • Carrie Smith

    Carrie Smith

    Dog Acquisition and Logistics Coordinator

  • Penny Miller

    Penny Miller

    Whelping Assistant/Foster Recruiter

  • Kim Holmes

    Kim Holmes

    Training Specialist

Bryan Office

  • Kaitlyn Blevins

    Kaitlyn Blevins

    Rural Community Connections Specialist

Finance Operations

  • Jack Perion

    Jack Perion

    Director of Finance and Operations

  • Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson


  • Amanda Bell

    Amanda Bell

    Accounting Assistant

  • Johnathan Bowen

    Johnathan Bowen

    Maintenance Coordinator

  • Matt Whitmore

    Matt Whitmore


Housing Resource Center

  • Ash Lemons

    Ash Lemons

    Director of Housing and Advocacy Services

  • Katie Hunt Thomas

    Katie Hunt Thomas

    Disability Rights Attorney

  • Mindy Metzger

    Mindy Metzger

    Home Accessibility Manager

  • Terry Lanning

    Terry Lanning

    Construction & Housing Supervisor

  • Matt Browning

    Matt Browning

    General Laborer

  • Don Smith

    Don Smith

    Nursing Home Transition Manager

  • Cathy Quinones

    Cathy Quinones

    Nursing Home Transition Support Specialist

  • Becky Strieff

    Becky Strieff

    Nursing Home Transition Coordinator

  • Tim Broud

    Tim Broud

    Community Living Coordinator

  • Shane Stevenson

    Shane Stevenson

    General Laborer

  • Katie Shelley

    Katie Shelley

    Disability Rights Advocate

Information Referral

  • Debbie Keller

    Debbie Keller

    Community Resource Advocate

  • Chris Daunhauer

    Chris Daunhauer

    Information and Referral/Equipment Loan Coordinator

  • Kristina Ervin

    Kristina Ervin

    Administrative Assistant

  • Angie Goodnight

    Angie Goodnight

    Information and Community Outreach Coordinator

Life Skills

  • Kimberley Arnett

    Kimberley Arnett

    Director of Community Services

  • Sarah Krueger

    Sarah Krueger

    Life Skills Associate Director

  • Cre Smith

    Cre Smith

    Life Skills Program Specialist

  • Shelby Phillips

    Shelby Phillips

    Life Skills Coordinator

  • Lisa Broseke

    Lisa Broseke

    Life Skills Transition Coordinator

Marketing Outreach

  • Dan Wilkins

    Dan Wilkins

    Director of Special Projects

  • Angie Goodnight

    Angie Goodnight

    Information and Community Outreach Coordinator

  • Mallory Tarr

    Mallory Tarr

    Community Relations Specialist

  • Nancy Jomantas

    Nancy Jomantas

    Event Coordinator