Systems Advocacy Program

Our advocacy staff works at local, state, and federal levels promotes positive change for people with disabilities

What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Systems Advocacy Program helps create systematic change at the local, state, and federal level to protect disability rights. Our efforts in policy analysis, community organizing, and legal representation are focused on the housing, transportation, public access and health care sectors.

What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Weighing in public policies

Through Policy Advocacy and Analysis

We conduct policy analysis on issues related to the Olmstead decision, Medicaid, and other health care matters, which directly affect people with disabilities. We also publish white papers on our findings, engage in the public discourse, and testify in related court cases.


What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Working with other advocacy groups

Through Community Organizing

We work with people with disabilities at the grassroots level to improve public policy and influence social change. Our associations include working with Community Advocates for Transportation Rights (CATR), a small group of concerned individuals with disabilities to ensure access to transportation in Toledo and the surrounding communities.


What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Ensuring the laws protecting disability rights

Through ADA Compliance

We monitor and assist local and state agencies in their efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and when necessary, investigate complaints pertaining to violations of the act.

Some examples of ADA agency compliance projects include:

  • Working with the City of Toledo to appoint an ADA coordinator, posting ADA grievance procedures and notices, and conducting ADA compliance reviews. We also work in this manner with other local and county municipalities.
  • Monitoring the performance of ADA-regulated public transportation systems in the Greater Toledo Area.
  • Publishing white papers evaluating Ohio state-level compliance with the ADA and with the Supreme Court's landmark Olmstead v. LC decision.
  • Filing a Department of Justice complaint against Montpelier Exempted Village school regarding access to its renovated football stadium.