Advocacy Program

Our advocacy staff works at local, state, and federal levels to promote positive change for people with disabilities

What We Do

The Ability Center advocacy team conducts policy analysis and advocates on behalf of people with disabilities at a local, state, and federal level. We concentrate on policy issues facing those with disabilities including Olmstead issues, Medicaid and health care issues, and housing issues.

What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Weighing in on public policies

Through Policy Advocacy and Analysis

We conduct policy analysis on issues that ensure the rights of people with disabilities to live in an inclusive community of their choosing.


What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Working with other advocacy groups

Through Community Organizing

The Ability Center Advocacy Program team works with people with disabilities on grassroots level to influence social change. The Ability Center engages with other disability groups to improve public policy.


What is Systems Advocacy Program?

Disability advocates from local groups including The Ability Center welcomed the addition of a new TARTA bus stop located at the Franklin Park Mall. This achievement was a culmination of several years of grassroots advocacy efforts to improve accessibility for people living with disabilities.


Disability Rights Education & Enforcement:

We monitor and assist private and public partners in their efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other disability rights legislation.

  • ADA Coordinator email/blog
  • ADA Seminar
  • Promoting laws with other advocacy groups and organizations