How Does It Work?

Does your house need a ramp or other modifications to make it more accessible to yourself or a family member with disability? We can assist with that.

The Home Accessibility Program uses federal, state and local grant dollars to assist individuals with accessible house modifications necessary to maintain quality of life and independent living.

The various funding sources have different age, income and residency requirements. Property taxes must be up to date. Depending upon funding availability, we can assist individuals who cannot afford to pay for a ramp or other minor home accessibility modification.

How Does It Work?

After application completion and income verification, an Ability Center staff member or approved contractor will make a home visit to determine feasibility. Upon approval of the requested project, the Lead Carpenter will design a ramp, or other project that meets the appropriate building codes and individual needs.

The homeowner and the local building inspection department must also approve the project design before construction can begin. For individuals who meet income guidelines established by our state and local funding sources, The Ability Center provides all materials and labor at no charge.