Home Accessibility

Our program provides home modifications to individuals with disabilities, making independent living a reality.

How the Program Works

Our Home Accessibility Program completes home accessibility projects through grant funding to make homes of people living with disabilities more accessible.

Projects include:

  • Temporary Ramp (aluminum)
  • Permanent Ramp (wooden)
  • Low rise steps
  • Stair lifts
  • Grab bars
How the Program Works

What’s the Importance of Accessible Homes?

For individuals with disabilities, using a bathroom or even getting in and out of their own home can be extremely difficult. But with “accessible homes,” modifications such as ramps or wider doorways can drastically improve the quality of everyday living. Individuals can come and go comfortably and independently, contributing to their positive mental and physical well-being. Accessible homes not only foster close family and community relationships, but they also reduce costs associated with nursing homes and Medicaid.

Special Loans for Home Improvement
and Mobility Equipment

Our Ability Loan Program -- in partnership with Directions Credit Union -- helps people with disabilities obtain loans at below-market rates and for longer terms. You can get the loan for home accessibility projects or for assistive technology, modified vehicles, and other mobility aids. Visit the Directions Credit Union or call (888) 508-2228 for more information.

Do you need to buy or sell mobility equipment?

Directions Credit Union®

Buy & Sell Accessible Homes

Are you looking for an accessible home for yourself or a loved one? Or are you thinking about selling your current home?

How the Program Works

Join Our Ramp-building Team

“Thank you, friend. This is the first time in four years
I have been able to get out of my house by myself.”

The ramp you build can make a big difference in the life of a person with a disability. It’s also a great team-building activity for any organization. We appreciate any volunteers, monetary, or material donations that’ll help us serve our community.

Building Homes that are Accessible to Everyone

Is possible with support from our partners

After your application is completed and your income is verified, staff from The Ability Center or an approved contractor will make a home visit to determine feasibility. Once your request is approved, our lead carpenter will design a ramp or other amenity that meets your needs and building code regulations.