About Us

Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence (ADAI)

ADAI helps children and adults with disabilities achieve greater independence by training and placing service and therapy dogs to assist with daily needs. For over 35 years, our dogs have helped transform the lives of individuals. Our therapy dogs are also highly trained to offer support and companionship to children in schools and individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our Value Statements

  • Increasing the independence of people with disabilities is beneficial to both the individual and the community.
  • Obtaining an assistance dog is a life changing experience for people with disabilities, providing for both their physical and emotional needs.
  • Consumers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Placement of successor dogs with past clients should have priority over new dog placements.
  • Dogs should be selected and trained to satisfy individual client needs.
  • Positive-reinforcement training and high levels of care produces higher quality dogs.
  • Dogs have an important place in people’s lives.
  • The people involved in Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence are sincere about and committed to the mission and reputation of the organization.
  • The organization is successful because there is camaraderie, friendship, recognition and a sense of fun among the people involved.
  • Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence provides a service by providing people with an opportunity for community service time and to learn life skills.