Assistance Dogs
for Achieving Independence

Changing the lives of individuals with disabilities with the help of man’s best friend

About ADAI

Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence (ADAI) helps individuals with disabilities achieve greater independence by training and placing service and therapy dogs to assist with the individual’s daily needs.


ADAI is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International.

Student Canine Student Teacher Program

Dogs who have been in training with ADAI and show potential for a successful school therapy placement, can be enrolled in the program as young as nine months of age. The dog is partnered with a teacher, counselor, or other appropriate school staff member to foster the dog in the school system as a Canine Student Teacher for one academic year.

Partial funding is provided by PetSmart Charities.


Video produced by students at Penta Career Center

How to Get a Dog

Find out how to get your own furry little friend and helper.

Get Involved

Your support feeds dogs, provides veterinary care, and improves training materials.


ADAI dogs have changed the lives of countless individuals

“People feel comfortable approaching me because of my dog.” “I no longer have to use a walker. A warm, loving dog is in so many ways better than a cold piece of metal.”