Outreach Speakers

The Ability Center has a commitment to educating the public on the core values of independent living. The Ability Center offers outreach speakers that are prepared to educate on topics from accessible housing to disability rights politics to what services the agency provides.

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Core Speakers

Angie Goodnight

Angie Goodnight

Information and Community Outreach Coordinator

Angie owned and operated Angie’s Angels, a home health care agency. For several years, she thoroughly enjoyed working closely with people with disabilities. It was her only connection to disability until 1998, when she contracted pancreatitis during a pregnancy. She lapsed into a coma for 14 days.

When Angie woke she found she had a new baby daughter and had lost her vision. Over the next year, Angie had to relearn how to do everything. As an Information and Outreach Coordinator at the Center, she assists many people on a daily basis. Angie loves to educate people with disabilities about the services available at the Center and in the community.

Dan Wilkins

Dan Wilkins

Director of Special Projects

Dan is an outspoken advocate, story teller and visionary for people living with disabilities and the disability culture. He is a dad, husband, friend, chair-user, artist, writer, graphic designer, humorist, Brown’s fan and a million other things.

Since 1989, he has been sharing stories and ideas in workshops, breakouts, keynotes and roundtables, formal and informal, for students from pre-school (tough crowd) to doctorate, parents, professionals in business, human service and allied health, educators and administrators, and folks with disabilities on a broad range of topics from disability and diversity awareness, advocacy and self-advocacy, to the importance of humor, inclusion, community and seeing through bigger eyes.