Disability Awareness Training

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Using a mix of videos, speakers, discussions, and interactive hands-on activities, The Ability Center specifically designs the training sessions to give each participant a deeper appreciation of the issues and obstacles people living with disabilities face in everyday life.

Simple things like ordering in a restaurant, banking, grocery shopping, and many other customer service activities can be difficult for individuals with disabilities. The Ability Center’s simple approach and easy-to-use tips will help your staff or group to reduce their apprehension and enhance communication when interacting with a person with a disability.

Participant Groups

The suggested minimum number of participants in a training class is 20. They can all be from one organization, or the class can consist of people from a number of organizations brought together as a collaborative activity.

Time Allocation and Location

Trainings can take from one to four hours, depending upon many factors. Trainings in Lucas County take place at The Ability Center’s main office in Sylvania. Organizations can also schedule on-site trainings at other locations in our seven-county service area.