Letter was submitted by Raymond Nagy of Defiance, OH

I would like to thank the Home Accessibility Program staff for providing and installing the accessibility ramp at my residence. It will prevent an accidental fall when ascending or descending the front porch steps by myself or others.

Having had both hips replaced and other medical hardware implanted in my back, a fall from the steps could have an unpleasant outcome. Having the ramp in place prevents such an occurrence and provides wheelchair accessibility.

A City of Defiance Code Enforcement officer stopped by the house one day after completion of the project to inspect and assure its’ safety. His inspection not only confirmed the safety, it affirmed the workmanship quality by your two-man crew.

Your continued assistance to those in the community who can benefit from your services goes largely unnoticed and perhaps undervalued simply because unless a disability affects them personally, most people are unconcerned until the need arises. Your services meet that need. In my case, your assistance has made my home safer, as well as making other handicap issues less burdensome. For that, I am very grateful.

An additional benefit is that the turnaround platform, which faces west, is a great spot for watching sunsets and using my telescope. Being elevated due to the slope of the landscape, I feel like the captain of a ship at sea. With the wind in my face, it’s an amazing feeling. It’s an underlying and unforeseen long term benefit I will cherish for many years.