Michael and Lilly

Michael and Lilly

Michael is an active young boy involved in swimming and horseback riding. He is also living with autism.

Music and occupational therapy improve the effects of his diagnosis, but his family searched for a deeper healing that would forever impact his life. Michael's parents understand the power a therapy dog has on their son.

Lilly, a black Labrador retriever, engages in all of Michael's activities, making him feel comfortable and supported no matter what the environment.

Lilly takes situations that once caused Michael stress and anxiety and turns them into positive experiences. At bedtime, Lily is by his side to combat nightmares and she walks Michael to the bus stop each morning to start the day off right.

Michael's parents say, "More than anything, we have noticed that Michael has a special love for dogs and his behavior improves with a dog around. We believe a therapy dog helps our son by giving him responsibility and therapy by improving Michael's capacity for self-care."