Maize and Timberstone Junior High

Maize and Timberstone Junior High

Maize, Timberstone Junior High’s most popular new student, is currently working with over 550 students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th. The administration has high hopes for Maize, Assistance Dogs graduate, to make his mark and support students throughout their educational journey. So far, he has not disappointed.

Mike Bader, Principal of Timberstone Junior High understands the impact Maize has on his students, “Maize helps students learn and grow in areas unique to each student. Some students become more empathetic and some experience the value of a trusting relationship. Other students improve attendance, and morale in the classroom is lifted. I see many students and staff members finding even a few moments petting or talking to Maize, which will reduce the stress of the day.”

Brittany Robbins and Rochelle Ford, school counselors and handlers of Maize, agree, “Maize has become an asset to our school counseling program. Many of our students have faced trauma in their lives and it impacts their ability to be successful in school. Maize acts as a valuable resource when working with these students from all walks of life. We think Maize is helping Timberstone students and staff enjoy coming to school and helping them day to day live a happier life.”

Brittany says, “Maize has also become quite the super star in the hallways. He attracts a lot of attention from students and staff alike. Maize is helping students to learn how to approach him and work with him while he is on the job.”

Maize was fostered by Lee Ann Lyon.
Maize and Timberstone's partnership was supported by Baumker and Scaife Grants.