Ken and Lisa Eisenbach

Ken and Lisa Eisenbach

Through the power of social media, ACT connected with an area family looking for assistance in making their home of 14 years accessible. We were happy to answer the call.

Sparked from a GoFundMe page created by life-long friend, Kathy Varga, the word quickly spread about Ken Eisenbach's need for modifications to his home. Ken recently had his leg amputated due to medical complications from diabetes. Before Ken could come home to his wife Lisa, their home needed a makeover.

ACT looped in our Home Accessibility Program partners and soon got to work. The Ability Center constructed wooden handrails to line the outside of the home and donated a walker through our Equipment Loan Program. Chris Ray from AccessQuip built a wheelchair lift, making it possible to enter and exit the home through the front door. Bathroom renovations were also completed to enhance accessibility in all parts of the home.

Ken and Lisa are well aware of the importance of giving back to the community. The pair have spent their life serving families affected by cancer through a free pantry called Nightingales Harvest. The mission of the organization is to lessen the financial burden of cancer patients and their families, by providing nutritious foods, cleaning products, and education on infection control. Lisa shares, "Giving and service is why we are here."

As the donations began rolling in, Lisa and Ken quickly realized the impact their work has had. "It's still surreal," explained Lisa. “For the community to help out, I just want to thank each one of you from the bottom of our hearts. Ken wants to give back and it's his dream to help these cancer families at Nightingales Harvest. So, for him to be able to return would be the best medicine in the whole wide world." Local agencies, friends, businesses, and complete strangers have rallied together to give the gift of home accessibility to a family who has given so much.

The lift on the porch and the railing has been a huge success in keep Ken safe. The pair even went to The Ability Center to thank the staff in person.