Jessica and Meyer

Jessica and Meyer

Jessica cherished her first Assistance Dogs therapy dog's loyalty, friendship, and love for many years.

When her previous dog retired, Jessica and her family knew they had to continue working with Assistance Dogs to maintain the independence Jessica grew to know. Jessica lives with her father and mother in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

When she is not engaging in activities with her local muscular dystrophy group, Jessica watches movies, shops, reads, walks, and plays with her Nook. Although Meyer fills the role of cuddly companion to Jessica, his main objective is to calm her and make her feel comfortable.

Jessica says, “Meyer gives me unconditional love and he never judges me. He gives me confidence to go out in the community.” Meyer keeps Jessica calm and reduces her anxiety at doctor’s appointments. “He will hold my hand and I will hold his paw when he has to go the veterinarian,” she reveals.

Kimberly, Jessica’s mother, says, “It’s unbelievable to me that after 30 years of different doctors, therapists, and counselors that Jessica has blossomed so much with Meyer and the staff at Assistance Dogs. She has gone from being very reserved and quiet to being extremely confident, asking questions during class, speaking out and interacting with all the people during training. This is something quite extraordinary that she has been able to accomplish with the additional confidence that “Professor Meyer” has given her. With so much focus put daily on Jessica, it is also such a gift to allow her to realize that there are other beings to pay attention to. We thank everyone involved in Meyer’s journey that helped to bring him to our family.”

Jessica and Meyer were supported by the Edward Lamb Grant.