Harry Reichow

Harry Reichow

Before receiving assistance from The Ability Center’s Home Accessibility Program, the Reichows found getting out of their home taxing and dangerous to their health. Because of the Johnson’s desire to help local veterans, this is no longer the case. An AlumiRamp was built on the couple’s trailer, making each step, a step toward independence.

Having a ramp will keep Harry and his wife, Diane, active and engaged in their community. Diane volunteers at rummage sales at their church, Little Flower, while Harry is involved with veterans’ groups such as Veterans of Foreign Wars and Argonne Post. Participation in the annual Memorial Day service is a yearly staple in the couple’s calendar.

Harry was in the Air Force from 1968-1972 and was stationed in Guam.

Diane is grateful for the support, “Everyone at The Ability Center is an angel. The guys that came out were wonderful and helpful.” Installing a ramp through The Ability Center’s Home Accessibility Program not only includes physical assistance but our staff’s attention to detail provides reassurance and a personal touch.

Without the support of the Johnsons, the project would not have been made possible. Harry was not eligible for funding, with an income just above grant requirements. “Thank you for defending our country and making this ramp possible,” Harry says of Paul and Stephany Johnson, as he looks at the ramp. Access to this ramp presents more than a home modification; it provides support, increased safety, and a sense of security. “Now, we will be prepared if Harry eventually uses a wheelchair,” Diane explains. This gift of home accessibility is providing peace of mind and a plan for a safer future. Harry has arthritis and has difficulty walking long distances and going up the stairs.

Their home is fully accessible once more.