Harleigh Poorman

Harleigh Poorman

The Ability Center (ACT) believes that consumer choice leads to a path of independence. That principle is supported through all of our programming, including our Home Accessibility Program. Our program builds home modifications including ramps, stairlifts, and grab bars for those living with physical disabilities to live safer in their homes.

Tina, mother to Harleigh, a four-year-old living with Angelman's Syndrome, discovered our services through her advocate at the Board of Development Disabilities. Our community partners help to identify needs, educate on services, and refer individuals we can assist with our programming.

Tina reflects, “Since receiving our ramp, I no longer have to carry my daughter and her adaptive stroller up and down steps. It has given me much needed relief. Thank you!”

Details matter when it comes to home accessibility and our staff takes the time to answer questions and provide information to the family. Our skilled carpenters work to create a safe environment. “Our experience with The Ability Center was wonderful from start to finish,” Tina shares.

Launching Harleigh’s project was a true team effort. Our Community Living Coordinator made the first contact and began the process, our carpenters measured and finalized specifics of the ramp design, and our Home Accessibly staff secured agreements and paperwork. Each piece of the puzzle came together and in spring of 2018, Harleigh’s ramp was installed with the support of Medicaid funding.

Tina shares how the ramp will impact their entire family, “The ramp benefits us greatly by being able to easily get in and out of the house on a daily basis without the worry of falling down the steps.” The feeling of safety and security for Harleigh is experienced by all members of the family.

ACT is making more playtime possible and building greater memories at their home and out in the community. Any chance she gets, Harleigh is outside soaking up the sunshine, staying active by swimming and swinging.

Our programming is made possible by small and large donations that support projects. Tina appreciates the donor dollars that make it all happen, “Without the donors, this project would not have been possible for us. I would like to thank them for their generosity and I hope that they know how much we appreciate their role in making our daily lives a little bit easier.”