David Neal

David Neal

Behind every home accessibility project, is a life changed by our programming. Going above and beyond working with nails and a hammer, Ability Center staff takes pride in making independence possible and granting people a sense of safety in their own home.

David had experienced serving people with disabilities himself. In a previous job, he drove a van for people with disabilities and was a caregiver to a stepson with cerebral palsy. He connected with The Ability Center during a search to find better ways to maneuver around his home. Progressing joint pain due to arthritis limits David’s mobility. Thanks to donor dollars, grab bars were installed in his bathroom, making lifting and transferring less taxing on this body.

Our staff are experts in uncovering potential safety hazards and addressing them quickly. This commitment to our consumer safety is always top of mind when doing house visits and meetings. The Ability Centers Community Living Coordinator discovered the need for a lift chair while at David’s home.

Before the visit was over, David was scheduled to receive a lift chair through The Ability Center’s Equipment Loan Program. Now, this local navy veteran won’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety and will continue to live safely, in his home.