When it comes to mobility disability, one of the most common barriers people run into is the lack of accessibility in their homes. Through our Home Accessibility Program, we bring a sense of self-sustainability to every project we complete.

“I’ve known about The Ability Center for a long time because I used to work at a place that had people from The Ability Center come in and educate about disabilities.” explains Cathy of Northwood, OH.

Cathy has been living with a back injury for many years - but the ramp needed to navigate her house was too expensive. “I can get my chair inside now. It means I can use it inside, and my battery isn’t dying from the cold.”

Her positive experience had a domino effect on those around her, “One of my neighbors was in a car accident and she uses a wheelchair, and I told them to call The Ability Center about getting a ramp.”

“The Ability Center truly went above and beyond.”

Ramp was built through ODSA.