Brent Fry

Brent Fry

"Ron and I try to make each day the best day ever,” Brent of Tiffin shares.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997, Brent worked at American Standard for 17 years until it closed, then at Cooper Tire for 14. A hard-working man all his life, Brent quickly realized after his sudden diagnosis, he would need support to continue living the independent life he knew.

After finding us through a Google search, Brent did his homework. “After reading the reviews and success stories, I knew this place was for me.”

In August 2021, Ron entered Brent’s life. His tasks stretch beyond typical tasks of a service dog, he keeps the activities Brent loves at the top of his to-do list. “Crafting my own Christmas presents is one of my favorite things to do,” Brent shares. Ron grabs his tools and keeps him moving and creating. An avid runner, Brent ran in marathons and other races prior to his diagnosis.

“I think Ron and I bonded from day one. It's hard to pick one task because Ron does well at all of them. He always gets my shoes every morning.” Balance and stability, grabbing items out of the fridge, tugging a clothes basket, helping in and out chairs, putting on socks and getting in and out of bed are tasks Ron was trained to do specifically for Brent.

Brent is not shy about sharing his experience with others who may need assistance. “The wait that it takes to get a dog is worth it. I thank the staff for giving me a great companion. I am more confident in public and not worried about falling in the stores or out in about. When I'm not at my best, he is there.”