Bentley Barnes

Bentley Barnes

From the day Bentley Barnes was born, it was clear he was destined to be one strong kid. Complications during pregnancy led to a false positive for spina bifida and other medical conditions. After he was born, Bentley saw multiple specialists to pinpoint his exact diagnosis. As he began to grow, his condition continued to change. Bentley experiences symptoms that mimic autism including sensory issues, speech delays, motor skills, and hearing and visual impairments. At two years old, he took his first steps.

Always watching from the sidelines, Bentley needed a way to feel more comfortable maneuvering around the house without the help of others.


When Bentley’s mother Michelle was introduced to The Ability Center’s Home Accessibility Program, she instantly began the application process. She knew that with the addition of the ramp, Bentley would have more time to just be a kid.

Due to his balance issues, steps are a trigger for falls. Our staff constructed an aluminum ramp through the Ohio Temporary Ramp Program and funds granted by our Auxiliary. Money raised from the Auxiliary’s annual Style Show event supports all programs of The Ability Center.

Michelle explains to staff, “I don’t have to worry with each step. It is a big weight off my shoulders.” We knew that by providing Bentley a ramp, we were helping an entire family.


Bentley’s energy will now be consumed playing with toys, scoring high numbers on his XBOX 360, and spending quality time with his best friend, mom. Michelle shares, "He is going to need help for the rest of his life and this experience has helped him greatly. I would recommend this organization to anyone."