Ann Patronik

Ann Patronik

Director of Youth and Transition Services

Ann first worked for The Ability Center (ACT) in the Recreation Department as the Youth Services Coordinator and Camp Cricket Director from 1987 - 1992. The experience of learning and working in the Independent Living Culture fresh out of college shaped her professional and personal value system as it related to the importance of inclusive opportunities and communities for all people.

She moved with her husband to Metro-Detroit in 1992 and continued to work in the nonprofit world developing and managing programs for youth and teens with disabilities, but never found a culture that promoted Independent Living to the same degree as The Ability Center. She and her husband have two adult children, one who happens to have Autism. The experience of parenting a child with a disability has really brought to the light the importance of the early lessons she learned.

Ann is excited to be back as the Director of Youth and Transition Services. She hopes to use all that she has learned throughout her career to manage a strong program that embraces the best practices to positively impact the lives of youth, adolescents, and young adults in the community while continuing to learn from the Center where she started her career.

In her leisure time, Ann enjoys endurance sports including biking, hiking/backpacking, and cross-country skiing as well as knitting and spending time with friends, family and her dog, Ziggy.