Ann and Sprocket

Ann and Sprocket

Ann Van Nort and her husband Geoff live in Sandusky, Ohio with their tight-knit family of three grown children and four grandchildren. In fall 2017, a new member was added to the clan. Sprocket, a black Labrador retriever changed the Van Nort family forever.

A retired middle school teacher and former triathlete, Ann is aware of the balance between patience and perseverance in any situation. In 2012, Ann experienced a spinal cord injury that affected her ability to walk. Her day to day life shifted, but her spirit never altered. Ann focuses on staying active in her book clubs, riding her recumbent bicycle, dining at local restaurants and babysitting her four-year-old grandson. These activities keep Ann busy, but she lacked a spark her in life.

She shares, “I love spending time by the pool during the summer, running errands, and spending time with family with my new companion by my side. Sprocket picks up things that I drop, closes the front door behind me, covers my feet when I’m laying down in bed and pulls my slide board out from under me when I transfer. When I’m alone at home or in the car, he helps me when I drop or can’t reach things. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to everyone for making a service dog available to me. Life with a spinal cord injury can be difficult, but Sprocket is going to make it much easier and much better. I’m so proud to be a part of such a professional and supportive organization, the experience of the two weeks of training has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Sprocket was fostered by Patrice Victor, Laura Pierce and furloughed by Gale Tedhams.

Ann and Sprocket were supported by the Scaife Grant.