Angel and Kia

Angel and Kia

Angel Milligan lives with her husband Kevin and son, Andrew, in Marion, Ohio. Angel endured a brain stem stroke that impacted her speech as well as her ability to walk. After years of searching for a program that would bring independence back into her life, Angel discovered Assistance Dogs, a program of The Ability Center, and found exactly what she desired.

“My dog increases my safety. In return, I give her love and attention, and a wonderful home,” says Angel.

Kia, a two-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, was paired with Angel is spring of 2018. Kia fetches items Angel may drop, opens doors, and brings the phone. Since the moment they met, Kia elevated Angel’s spirits and granted her a new leash on life.

With assistance with daily tasks, Angel can concentrate more on what brings her joy and happiness. Shopping, reading, spending time with her dogs and family are her greatest hobbies. Angel also volunteers for Marion Mentors, an organization centered around building caring and supportive relationship with local youth. The purpose of the agency is to support the development of one-to-one relationships between a volunteer adult role model and a student.

Angel shares, “I have a huge tendency to fall and I know that Kia will help me to be safer by picking things up off the floor for me. I have always had to rely on other people to help me with many things and now with Kia beside me, I won’t have to ask someone to do so much for me, we can do it together.” Since receiving Kia, Angel has yet to fall due to her disability.

Angel shares, “I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has worked so hard to bring Kia to our family. We love being a part of the ADAI family!”

Kia was fostered by Susan Zeier, furloughed by Rachel Weber, and trained at Toledo Correctional Institute (TOCI) by Scott S.
Angel and Kia were supported by Mcintosh and Scaife Grant.