Abby and Dill

Abby and Dill

An internet search landed Abby Turner to The Ability Center’s Assistance Dogs website page in summer 2017. Abby, along with her family, were on a quest to find a unique resource that would assist Abby manage her disability and provide support for the future.

Abby lives with multiple neurological disorders that impact her daily life. Her diagnoses prevent her from performing daily tasks like bending over to pick up items and walking far distances. Migraines, joint pain, extreme fatigue, feeling weak when standing, and brain fog, are also symptoms Abby experiences.

Like any great story, Abby and Dill’s is filled with countless memories and an unbreakable bond. Since being paired together in August 2018, Dill has been there to address Abby’s every need. “I don’t have to rely on someone else to get things for me,” she explains.


Recognizing that a service dog supports with a wide range of tasks, Dill was hand-selected for Abby to match what she needed most. Dill was specifically trained to pick items up of the floor, retrieve medications, alert people during emergencies and pull of socks. Frequent brush up classes with ADAI trainers will keep Dill’s skills sharp.