Susan and Franklin

Susan and Franklin

When Susan began to experience challenges after begin diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Assistance Dogs answered the call for help. "Cody made it possible for me to accomplish more without the help of others," Susan shares of her of her first service dog. Susan relied on Cody to hit her emergency call button, retrieve exactly all the ways her first service dog Cody impacted myself and my family's lives. She says, "I had been an active nurse and mom prior to my first MS attack, which left me wheelchair dependent and feeling useless and helpless. Cody and I became partners in the spring class in 2007 and he was with me through both difficult and amazing times. With him, I became much more independent at home and in public. My stress and anxiety greatly decreased and I became more social."

After Cody passed away, Susan knew it was important to continue her work with ADAI and begin a new journey with a new assistance dog. Franklin joined Susan’s family in November 2016. From their first meeting, the connection was undeniable. Franklin and Susan promptly got to work, focusing on what Susan needed most. Franklin is a half golden retriever, half Labrador from ADAI’s breeding program.

Susan says, “Most of my tasks around the house are completed easily with the help of a service dog. My gratitude is shown to my service dog with love, affection, play, and keeping them mentally challenged and physically fit.”

Susan credits her assistance dogs for decreasing her physical and mental fatigue, leaving her feeling energized and alert.

Most importantly, Susan has a new partner and companion that will improve her life each and every day.