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School Facility Dog


School facility dogs belong to an individual school and reside with a member of the school’s staff. The dogs offer comfort to students in counseling settings, help improve student motivation and social skills, and even provide an audience to encourage students to read. They meet therapeutic goals including improving speech, coordination, and social skills. School Facility Dogs are treated as a member of the faculty and create a sense of family in the school environment.

Visit The Allie Project website to download lesson plans involving therapy dogs to be used by teachers, counselors, and schools.

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  • Bigelow Hill Elementary
  • Blue Ridge Elementary
  • Bryan Elementary
  • Bucyrus Elementary
  • Elmwood Elementary
  • Fostoria Elementary Schools
  • Glenwood Middle School and Early Childhood Center
  • Hartville/Lake Elementary Schools
  • Lakota Schools
  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Monclova Elementary
  • North Ridgeville Educational Center
  • South Vienna Elementary
  • Stranahan Elementary
  • Tiffin Elementary Schools
  • Tiffin Middle School
  • Timberstone
  • Waterville Elementary
  • Wauseon Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Whiteford Agricultural Schools
  • Whitehouse Elementary

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