Assistance Dogs

Training and placing service and therapy dogs
to support people with disabilities

About Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs helps individuals with disabilities achieve greater independence by training and placing service and therapy dogs to assist with the individual’s daily needs.

Our trainers and staff guide you through the training experience and placing of your assistance dog.
Dogs are specifically trained for the tasks presented by their future partner.


Assistance Dogs is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International. View program 990 here.


Assistance Dogs Facts

Current Waiting List: 50, 9 of those are successors (priority)

  • 30 service
  • 5 walking service
  • 7 school
  • 6 special needs therapy
  • 2 adult therapy
  • 2 facility

Placed dogs 2012-2020: 127

  • 68 service/59 Therapy
  • Average 15 dogs per year placed
  • Average 10 flunkies per year

Current Active Placements: 130/145(active though the year,
including 15 deceased)

  • 65 service
  • 69 therapy
  • 15 dogs passed this year
  • 6/12 service dogs placed last year were successors or 50%

School Therapy dogs placed: 33

  • 26 schools since 2004
  • Over 15,000 students have had access to a school therapy dog

Volunteer hours: 64,480

  • $564,000 at minimum wage

Time Study :

  • 60% of time spent on Dogs in Training
  • 40% spent on dogs placed


  • 45% 8970 hours per year spent on (ACAD Admin)
    I&R, Volunteer recruitment/Mgt./Outreach/Breeding/Kennel/
  • 33% 6604 Hours per year spent training dogs to place
    Prison/Foster classes/staff training
  • 22% 4446 hours per year spent on already placed dogs Client follow-up/Training

Per Dog cost: Average 70 fulltime dogs /97 total active during the year

  • Food: $571/year or $48/mth
  • Vet: $1200/yr or $100/mth
  • Other: Treats/Toys/Toothpaste etc. $420.00/yr or $35/mth

Total: $2250/ dog per year or $185/mth

Get Involved

Your support feeds dogs, provides veterinary care, and improves training materials.


Assistance Dogs have changed the lives of countless individuals

“People feel comfortable approaching me because of my dog. I no longer have to use a walker. A warm, loving dog is in so many ways better than a cold piece of metal.”