Nick Gulch

(Scholarship Recipient)

If you were to ask Nick Gulch his favorite activity, you’d likely find him with a camera on his arm or golf club in his hand. This experienced high school grad is shaking up the media industry and shows no signs of stopping. Nick Gulch, Whitmer High School grad and recent Ability Center scholarship recipient, is using his disabilities to serve as a platform to make others aware that anything is possible. Nick is gifted with a unique perspective on disability and leadership traits that many admire.

“I have been diagnosed with a couple disabilities, (ADHD, Autism and Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy) but I don't let any of these things stop me or affect my life. My disabilities have forced me to study harder and never give up. In golf, I learned to change my grip so that my hands wouldn't cramp up or make me lose control of the club. Homework and studying sometimes take me longer than other kids, but I am learning different techniques to study which have allowed me to get good grades. In short, the only impacts on my life have been positive and I have had great teachers that I never would have met without my disabilities,” Nick reveals.

While attending Whitmer, he participated in the Media Arts Program and developed basic skills about how to be a news reporter, tv news anchor, and creating and editing movies. Not only did he excel in the classroom, he took his talents to the as a team announcer for baseball, high school football videographer, president of CTSO Media Arts Program and has been a member of the honor roll every year since 4th grade. Nick’s panther pride landed him the Washington Local School Superintendent Award for Loyalty in February 2018.

Mixing his love of sports and media, he is combining his two passions into a career. His resume is filled with awards, volunteer positions and accolades from many different professional and social organizations.

Expanding on the skills he knows best, he will attend Owens Community College in the fall to study media arts. Nick shares, “This degree will allow me to promote inclusion and inspire others with disabilities to understand that anything is possible. Nick carves out time in his busy schedule to teach youth with disabilities to golf, Nick travels the state to advocate, educate, and empower people living with muscular dystrophy as the 2018 Muscular Dystrophy Association Ambassador for Ohio. This honor is closest to his heart. Nick explains, “Being the MDA Ambassador is important to me because I can tell kids to never give up on their dreams and to just do your best and always have fun. I will also get to meet many MDA sponsors and thank them for all that they do for MDA families like mine.”

His long list of accomplishments also caught the attention of BCSN who granted him the BCSN Joe Rychnovsky Inspiration Award at their annual awards show.

Nick thanks the Auxiliary to The Ability Center, “I would like to tell the women of the Auxiliary thank you very much for the scholarship because it will help me get to my goal of being a Sports Broadcaster. Everyone that I met at the ceremony was very nice and made me feel like I was important.”