Life Skills


Tony Schweinhagen

If you are anything like Tony Schweinhagen, you probably enjoy reading, working with your hands, and playing sports. Recently, Tony added cooking, budgeting, and time management skills to his list of mastered activities thanks to his participation in The Ability Center’s Next Steps Summer Program. After connecting with staff at an outreach event, Tony and his mother soon discovered our programming could provide the skills he needed most. Tony enrolled in the Next Steps Summer Program to gain social skills, enhance his cooking, meal planning, budgeting abilities, and strengthen his employability skills.



Megan Braun

Megan Braun entered the Next Steps Summer Program driven, goal-orientated, and fueled with a desire to gain independence. She was well aware of the impact of Ability Center programs, receiving her service dog Wixey in 2010 from the Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence Program (ADAI). Wixey assists Megan by picking up dropped items and stabilizing Megan as she walks.



Donny Stewart

The Ability Center’s newly revamped Life Skills Program is turning our consumers' vision into reality.

Donny Stewart entered the Next Steps Summer Program, a component of Life Skills, with very specific goals to gain independence. The result? Donny’s spark of confidence and increased self-sufficiency will stay with him as he enters college and beyond.



Ana McGuire

During our second year of the Next Steps Summer Program, we were introduced to many local students interested in expanding their independent living skills. Our objective with the program is to provide a comprehensive plan preparing students for college and beyond. But not all participants are the same, so their journey to independence shouldn’t be either.



Nick Hyndman

The best part about an organization that has been around for almost 100 years is that we can help shape the lives of so many young people with disabilities in our area.

One of these people is Nick Hyndman. Nick shares how The Ability Center has molded him into a motivated and determined young adult who strives for inclusive opportunities for individuals
with disabilities.