Kellyann Navarre


Kellyann Navarre lives in Monroe, Michigan and attends the University of Toledo. Majoring in Psychology, she is also pursuing a minor in Disability Studies. Kellyann lives with a learning disability, hearing loss, and other psychiatric disabilities. These challenges affect her ability to retain information while studying but does not limit her academic and professional goals.

She credits her experience with disability for further igniting her passion for inclusion and accessibility.

Her area of study offers Kellyann an opportunity to make a broad impact and positive change for others living with similar conditions. Combining her interest with disability and health care, she aims to break the stigma around mental health.

Throughout college, Kellyann has maintained a 4.0 GPA and remains active in the American Sign Language Club. She valued hands-on work experience as a Program Coordinator at The Ability Center’s Next Steps Summer Program where she worked one-on-one with students with disabilities.

Future plans also include teaching college classes, leading psychoeducation groups, and advocating for people living with all types of disabilities. Kellyann channels her energy into her love for writing, martial arts, and ability to connect with people though her work in and out of the classroom.

Monroe County Community College Professor, Lori Jo Couch, explains, “Kellyann is exceptionally bright, determined, and self-motivated. I am amazed by the effort and time she is willing to dedicate to every job and assignment. She is also very dependable and trustworthy. If I ask her to complete a task, I am certain it will be completed in a timely and professional manner.”

  • Monroe County Community College: Writing Fellow of the Year Award (2016-17), Outstanding Social Science
  • Student of the Year Award (2016-17), President's Academic Achievement Award (2016-17), Dean's List & Highest
  • Honors (4.0 GPA), George Rhodes Scholarship (2015-16), Writing Fellow Honors Program/Scholarship (2014-17).
  • UT: President's List (4.0 GPA), Psi Chi Honors Society (2018-present), Legacy Award (2017-19), Honors Thesis