Health Care


Medical Resources Websites

Needy Meds

Is an information-only resource on patient assistance programs and applications

RX Outreach

Offers generic medications to those living in poverty situations

Ohio Best RX

Provides a drug discount program for those with no insurance and under 300% of poverty or age 60 plus


Provides information on Patient Assistance Programs to access free or discounted drugs

Golden Buckeye

Offers prescription discounts to seniors over the age of 60 and people living with disabilities

Pfizer Helpful Answers

Is an assistance program to help those taking Pfizer prescriptions with no insurance.

The official website of the Medicare program


The website for the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program

Ohio Benefit Bank

Is a web-based program that connects low and moderate-income Ohioans with access to work support benefits such as tax credits, health care coverage, home energy assistance, child care subsidies, food stamps and public benefits.