Global Accessibility Awareness Day Webinar


Thank you for tuning in to our accessibility webinar. We appreciate the time and talents of Chris Higgins who provided us great knowledge and perspective on how to make digital communication effective for all. Please view recording of the webinar below and feedback survey - responses are encouraged and appreciated!

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is an awareness day focusing on digital access and inclusion for the more than one billion people with disabilities and impairments. It is marked annually on the third Thursday of May.




Accessible is a podcast about accessibility in tech hosted by Steven Aquino and Timothy Buck in San Francisco. Topics covered on the show are mostly Apple-centric but will span the tech industry at large where appropriate.

Facebook Alt Tags

Facebook Alt Tags

Automatic alt text uses object recognition technology to provide a visual description of a photo for the blind and vision-loss community. You can replace this text to provide a better description of a photo.

Toledo Museum of Art

Toledo Museum of Art

At the Toledo Museum of Art, visual literacy is defined as being able to read, comprehend, and write visual language. Art museums, the repositories of the greatest examples of visual communication in human history, are specially equipped to help people learn how to unlock the meanings of images. At the Toledo Museum of Art, this process is called The Art of Seeing™.


Things to Consider

Can this be
made into text?

Is your language clear
and simple?

Why should it take a
friend/family member
with a disability for
you to consider

Did you know you
can add narrations
to describe actions
with a video?