The Ability Center provides essays on a variety of disability-related topics for further information.

Understanding Social Circles

According to Derrick Dufresne, (Five Star Quality Defined, October 2008, Dufresne and Mayer), successful community inclusion can be measured by … Continued

The Process of Cultural Shifting

by Al Condeluci From the book, Cultural Shifting TRN Press, 2002 “Humans are the only species who is not locked … Continued

The Need for Inclusive Communities

An Essay by Dan Wilkins, Director of Special Projects A Parent’s Words… “Our son has almost no friends. He has … Continued

Ideas to Build Community

A community is a network of individuals united in pursuit of a common cause. With that in mind, here … Continued

Five Star Quality Defined

Derrick Dufresne Mike Mayer Senior Partners CRA: Community Resource Alliance October, 2008 To help provide further definition, this is … Continued

Community and Social Capital

by Al Condeluci, PhD Community is a network of people who regularly come together for some common cause or celebration. … Continued