The launch of this project in partnership with the Toledo Lucas County Library ensures books by, for, and about people with disabilities are widely available. Stories addressing growing up with a disability, describing victories of the movement, and social opportunities are themes in the collection of books.

Reading Challenge

Classrooms will participate in a Reading Challenge, using the highly recommended children’s books provided. During the second half of the school year, the participating classrooms will receive disability education and each classroom teacher will receive a teacher toolkit with extension activities and calls to action. The goal of the DREAM school program is to continue fostering inclusion and normalizing disability.

Participating Schools

  • Fairfield Elementary (Maumee)
  • Holloway Elementary (Springfield)
  • Lake Erie West ESC
  • Perrysburg Schools
  • Swanton Elementary
  • Toledo Public Schools
  • Washington Local Schools
  • Waterville Primary (Anthony Wayne)
  • Westside Montessori
  • Whiteford Elementary (Sylvania)
  • Whitehouse Primary (Anthony Wayne)

Parent’s Perspective

“Representation matters. My children need to see themselves in pop culture, but just as importantly, so do their peers. I want my kids to go to school in a place where it is more than just ok to stick out. That our differences are celebrated and that our abilities are nurtured, no matter what they are. I want a world where potential and success are not measured by your test scores, but by a fulfilling life bursting with choices.”

Heidi Bollin

The Toledo Lucas County Public Library will have copies of the books from the DREAM list in multiple formats at each branch location.

The Toledo Museum of Art's Belonging and Community Engagement Department is sponsoring the book Awesomely Emma, a story of true inclusion based in an art museum for the book collection.