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Whether it is a board member or a volunteer, a donor or consumer, we are surrounded by leaders, companies, and organizations working with us to further our mission.


7 Opportunities for a Disability-Friendly Community

When we work with our partners, we are laser focused on creating and implementing transformational solutions designed to eliminate barriers across 7 key areas – a plan resulting in:

  • Housing: Affordable and accessible housing is a building block of a community where everyone can feel at home.
  • Transportation: Reliable, affordable, sustainable, and accessible is a must for all people to thrive within their community.
  • Education: Integrated, person-centered education instills high-expectations early on in students and families.
  • Employment: Diverse and inclusive opportunities built from a naturally supportive culture - creating an environment of success for both the employee and employer.
  • Health Care: Well-trained professionals throughout health care systems focused on overall wellness.
  • Public Spaces: Accessible spaces throughout the community lead to involvement and enjoyment for all people.
  • Social Opportunities: Welcoming and inclusive programming creates opportunity for vibrant relationships and strong communities.

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