Can Volunteering Improve Your Health?

Did you know volunteering at local organizations can help you live a longer, healthier life?

Physical Health

Animals offer a significant number of health benefits, including an increased life expectancy of than living without a pet. Animals in the home lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels -preventing risk of heart attack.

Black History Month

Carter G. Woodson created Negro History Week in 1926 as an educational tool to inspire Black Americans to celebrate their heritage, and recognize the contributions of Black leaders throughout history. Today, we Celebrate February as Black History Month.

Inclusive Winter Activities

Winter months in Ohio can make it hard to engage in the community however, there are lots of fun options! The Toledo area has many programs offered to meet every interest.

If you have not been able to identify your interests, connect with an ACT staff to complete a recreation and leisure interest survey.

DREAM Book Program Launches

The DREAM Project ensures books by, for, and about people with disabilities are widely available. Stories addressing growing up with a disability, describing victories of the movement, and social opportunities are themes in the collection of books. The project will have a Reading Challenge component using the list of recommended books.

Toledo Refining Company Donates 100K to fund Accessibility Projects in East Toledo

The Ability Center, in keeping with its commitment to make northwest Ohio the most disability-friendly community in the country, will announce a transformational donation from Toledo Refining Company at a press conference on Monday, September 27.

The Accessible Community Fund will award up to 50% of the total project cost for community organizations to make improvements to universal public accessibility or to upgrade existing accessibility features.