Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to create lasting memories around the dinner table. For families with loved ones with disabilities, extra preparation and consideration go a long way to ensure a positive experience for all.

Encourage your kids to help cook for the family! Explore family-friendly recipes to test out this holiday.

Libbey House Becomes Accessible Once Again

The Ability Center and Libbey House Foundation unveiled the completion of the project, “Restoring Accessibility to the Edward Drummond Libbey House” with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 30. Edward D. Libbey House was the site of Opportunity Kindergarten, a school for children with disabilities operated by the Toledo Society for Crippled Children.

A Letter from an Assistance Dogs Foster

For most organizations, volunteers are an integral part of the effort to fulfill their mission. For The Ability Center’s Assistance Dogs Program, we simply wouldn’t exist. Committed fosters, loving puppy sitters, and dedicated donors are how we continue to train and place dogs with youth and adults with disabilities each year.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: I Fill the Seat on the Bus

If you do not currently use public transportation in northwest Ohio but have a connection to the service, please also fill out the form. Awareness regarding usage and lack of resources for people with and without disabilities is important. These videos will be collected and used to advocate for more budget funding to be allocated to this service.