Ability Center leads SHS grad on career path

Deciding what to do after high school graduation is difficult for any student, but for those with special needs, choosing a career path can prove challenging.

To help those graduates, the Ability Center offers a life skills program, which assists individuals with disabilities to develop skills for independent living and competitive employment.

ADAI accepts grant from PetSmart Charities


March 19, 2019

The pilot year of the Canine Student Teacher program is showing great benefits for both the dogs-in-training and the students who attend the participating schools. So far, the dogs have completed three training courses that cover a range of skills necessary for a successful working career in the schools such as impulse control around food and items on the ground, walking nicely on leash, greeting all people politely, and resting on a student’s lap to help with anxiety.

The Libbey House Foundation Grant


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Libbey House Foundation Receives Ohio History Fund Grant

The Libbey House Foundation, in collaboration with The Ability Center of Greater Toledo, is the recipient of a $9,158 Ohio History Fund grant from the Ohio History Connection to make Toledo’s only National Historic Landmark accessible to all.

Ohio Budget

Ohio Budget Priorties

H.B. 166 – The Ohio State Budget, FY 2020-2021 – Final Updates:

Governor DeWine signed the Ohio State Budget for Fiscal Years 2020-2021 in late July. Thank you to everyone who assisted us with budget advocacy by contacting their legislators to ensure that the best interests of Ohioans with disabilities were taken into consideration throughout the budget process.

I Fill the Seat on the Bus

If you do not currently use public transportation in northwest Ohio but have a connection to the service, please also fill out the form. Awareness regarding usage and lack of resources for people with and without disabilities is important. These videos will be collected and used to advocate for more budget funding to be allocated to this service.

The Ability Center launches Disability Dialog

The Ability Center recently announced the launch of Disability Dialog. Disability Dialog is an awareness and engagement campaign designed to answer the question, “What would it take for the Toledo area to be named the most disability-friendly community in the United States?”

A disability-friendly community matters because doing well becomes an option for everyone.