ADA Testimonial – Share your Story

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), The Ability Center is asking individuals to share about their experience before and after the law was passed.

Quotes, photos, and videos will be shared throughout the month of July leading up to the anniversary on July 26.

Job Searching during a Pandemic

For many Americans, the pandemic has unveiled new challenges and some companies have shifted health crisis with layoffs, furloughs, cutting hours and overtime pay, and implementing hiring freezes. Other companies are growing and expanding their work force. For people with disabilities, they may have lost to their jobs and are looking to secure new employment or looking to enter the job market for the first time.

Things to Remember As We Reopen

-- Statement in response to communities reopening during COVID-19 pandemic

Over the past months, it seems much in our world has been turned upside down as we – as a community – have come together to grapple with the implications of COVID-19. We have seen incredible stories of commitment to one another through stay-at-home orders, closure of schools and businesses, even the ways in which we interact as social beings.

World Health Day

We are in a moment without precedent, yet filled with challenge and risk.

For 100 years, The Ability Center of Greater Toledo has been privileged to serve many constituents with disabilities in northwest Ohio, and we cannot serve them well without strong partnerships who share our mission and vow to help us keep people with disabilities thriving in our community.

A Look Back – Capitol Crawl

-- Written by Dan Wilkins, Director of Special Projects

ADAPT activists and others in support of the movement gathered in front of the White House to begin their spring campaign, “Wheels of Justice,” with a march to the U. S. Capitol Building. There they intended to pressure Congress to move on the “Americans with Disabilities Act.

Staying Safe in the Snow

With Winter in Ohio being an unpredictable season, you never know what the weather may bring. Thus, it’s always good to be prepared. This post provides advice, particularly for those with disabilities, on staying safe while navigating the snow and cold temperatures.

The Ability Center Unveils New Brand


Entering our centennial year, we felt compelled to refresh our organization's brand identity. A visual nod to our past, our new logo represents a new take on our cherished gold star.

As we embark on this exciting year, we have decided this new icon will represent all programs of The Ability Center.