Winter Blues

Here are some tips to help manage stress during the Wintertime.

Exercise: There are many ways you can stay physically active during the winter.

Walking: You can walk inside around the house, walk in place, or bundle up and walk around your yard or neighborhood.

A Conversation With Tim Harrington

No individual has been connected to the Ability Center in a continuous capacity longer than Executive Director, Tim Harrington. Of the 100 years of our existence, he has been a part for 55 of them, beginning with his enrollment and participation in the inaugural class at Opportunity Kindergarten.

Holiday Shopping 101

Trying to decide who to shop for can be difficult so start with a list of names that you know you need to buy for. Use this chart as a guideline when planning:






Teacher (Mrs.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to create lasting memories around the dinner table. For families with loved ones with disabilities, extra preparation and consideration go a long way to ensure a positive experience for all.

Encourage your kids to help cook for the family! Explore family-friendly recipes to test out this holiday.

Katherine Hunt Thomas Named 20 Under 40

Katherine Hunt Thomas grew up challenging perspectives on disability. Having a sister with Down syndrome energized Katie's interest in protecting rights for people with disabilities.

Under her leadership as Disability Rights Attorney and Director of Advocacy, The Ability Center's Advocacy Program has been nationally recognized for our efforts to become the most disability-friendly community in the nation.