DREAM Book Program Launches

The DREAM Project ensures books by, for, and about people with disabilities are widely available. Stories addressing growing up with a disability, describing victories of the movement, and social opportunities are themes in the collection of books. The project will have a Reading Challenge component using the list of recommended books.

Toledo Refining Company Donates 100K to fund Accessibility Projects in East Toledo

The Ability Center, in keeping with its commitment to make northwest Ohio the most disability-friendly community in the country, will announce a transformational donation from Toledo Refining Company at a press conference on Monday, September 27.

The Accessible Community Fund will award up to 50% of the total project cost for community organizations to make improvements to universal public accessibility or to upgrade existing accessibility features.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Settlement Reached in Senior Housing Lawsuit

Settlement Requires Defendants to Provide Extensive Modifications and Pay $400,000 for Accessibility Violations at Senior Housing Community

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed by The Fair Housing Center, The Ability Center, and Brooklynn Park resident Jenny Tillman that requires defendants to complete extensive accessibility modifications for Brooklynn Park and pay $400,000 in damages to cover fees, litigation costs, and compensation for the nonprofit organizations’ diversion of resources and frustration of mission.


June 25
Message to local leaders:
There was significant progress during the Spring Legislative Session to have language included in HB74, the two year Transportation Budget, to advance the efforts in Northwest Ohio to properly invest in its public transit system.

Emergency Preparedness: Why Emergency Prep for Individuals with Disabilities is Important & How The Ability Center of Greater Toledo Can Help

Everyone should have an emergency plan to be prepared for unexpected disasters. This is something that has especially come to light since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, we have seen that a great many individuals are not prepared. Individuals with disabilities have even more to consider when planning for emergencies.

Accessible Bathroom Items

For a person with limited mobility, the bathroom can be a potentially dangerous place. It can mean the difference between remaining independent in their home or living in a facility. Most insurance does not cover any safety equipment for the bathroom - Part B will cover Durable Medical Equipment you’ll use at your home if your doctor decides you need it.