kid leaning on bag woman picking up flowers disabled kid using ramp two people in meeting dog opening door

In only a few months of living in northwest Ohio, I've already discovered the hidden gem of this community - the people. Over the years, I've lived in many countries, most recently moving to Maumee to take over as Executive Director of The Ability Center. This was an easy decision for two reasons:

1 - The communities make this place home. Neighbors look out for one another and family steps in to help others thrive.

2 - The foundation you've built at The Ability Center, through your continued support, has us perfectly positioned to lead an important mentality shift for the disability community, and beyond.

The proof is in stories like Christine's of Maumee who can now have friends over for lunch because the ramp built by The Ability Center makes it safer. We see it in the thousands of students who are brought smiles every day through school facility dogs. And three-year-old Ethan of Toledo will never know a life without having access to his home. Independent living programs inspire youth and their families to have a better quality of life and spend more moments as a family.

Equipment and home modifications make it possible for aging parents to stay in the homes they raised their families in. Programming yields a dominion effect, increasing independence for one that benefits many. Services drive innovation, opportunities, and outcomes.

Looking beyond our 100 years, I envision new perspectives. Generations will recognize and embrace their differences, whatever they may be. People can experience disability through a different lens when they open their eyes to it. This is a subtle, but important shift in the work we've been doing for over a century, and it's only possible because of donors like you. I look forward to joining you to be part of this important change in northwest Ohio.

Stuart James Executive Director The Ability Center