ADA 30 – Disability-Friendly Pledge

In honor of The Ability Center's 100th anniversary and commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we challenge our communities to become more disability friendly.


I Pledge

We pledge to be a disability-friendly community by focusing on improving access and inclusion in the following areas: housing, health care, education, employment, physical access, and social opportunity.

I will accept and respect people of all abilities

I will welcome individuals living with different types of disabilities to thrive in my community

Understand those with different diagnoses may have health care needs different from my own

I will respect accommodations needed without questioning their reasons for asking for help in my work environment, school, or religious establishment

I will speak directly to the person I am speaking with. I will use language that refers to the person first, not their disability. The way we speak or write about someone influences the images and attitudes we form, leaving behind a positive or negative impression for others

I will ask permission before assisting someone, understanding they may need my help or may be capable of accomplishing the task without assistance

I will use respectful, age-appropriate verbiage, and tone of voice that I would use with anyone else. I will include people of all abilities into conversations especially ones that impact them

I will enhance my knowledge and understanding around disability to make my community a more inclusive place for everyone

I will recognize and support businesses that employ people with disabilities and make an effort to be an accessible and inclusive establishment


ADA 30 Pledge

We pledge to be a disability-friendly community