Making our community more accessible
one project at a time

Community Fund

The Accessible Community Fund will award up to 50% of the total project cost for community organizations to make improvements to universal public accessibility to upgrade existing accessibility features.

A key component of the new Accessible Community Fund is that The Ability Center is matching every dollar donated to the fund from corporate partners and will award those funds as a matching grant to community organizations.

Audio signals and loops and lighting/color contrasting for visually impaired

Barrier free washrooms

Ramps, power door operators, accessible doors, and levered handles

Accessible portion of community playground

Elevators, lifts, and other mobility assistive devices

Apply Now

  • Funding is available for improvements that will provide universal public accessibility or to upgrade existing accessible features. Organizations are eligible to submit one application per year.
  • Eligible facilities must be open for use by all community members not just to those who belong to the applying organization. For example, a social club or church hall must be open to the public, not just for members.
  • Additions to existing structures may be considered if they are designed to improve accessibility. Portions of new construction related to exceeding minimum ADA requirements may be eligible for consideration as well.
  • Expenditures for renovations and equipment incurred prior to application/award will not be eligible. Funding applications for improvements to leased premises will be considered, provided the lease period extends to at least five years beyond the date the application is submitted to the department.

Fill out form to apply for grant funding here.

Download Guidelines here.

Our Partners

Toledo Refining Company

Supporting projects in East Toledo

“Toledo Refining Company is proud to be able to make this donation, to move our community one step closer to being the most disability-friendly community in the country, and to help launch this innovative non-profit/for-profit partnership for the benefit of our community,” said Chris Shultz, Community Affairs Advisor for Toledo Refining Company.