Ability Center Service Phases

Standards of Service: June 1

Building Access/Employee Telework
Access to the public will begin Monday, June 1st with social distancing protocols in place. At-home visits are still on hold.

Office Hours
(Monday – Thursday)
8:30am – 5:00 p.m.
8:30am -3:00 p.m.

Assistive Technology/Medical Equipment

We are now accepting donations of durable medical equipment. We will not be bringing items into the building (5033 Skelly Road), but will be accepting at the fenced in location. All items will sit outside 48 hours, then will be cleaned off with PureGreen24, a disinfectant and deodorizer. PureGreen24 is organic and has not toxic, harsh chemicals and disinfects without bleaching. All bacteria, viruses and fungi is killed within 10 minutes of use. Afterwards, all items are brought into the center and are cleansed again with SpanSanQ disinfectant spray that will stay on the equipment.

Bryan Office:
Durable Medical Equipment Pick-Up Guidelines for Rural Communities

1. Contact The Ability Center to schedule a date and time to arrive for pick-up.
2. Upon arrival, call The Ability Center rural office at (419) 633-1400 and provide identifiable vehicle information.
3. Pull up to the main entrance of the building and park your vehicle.
4. Stay in your vehicle while person loads equipment into your trunk or back seat of your vehicle. **Agreement information will be attached to your equipment.

All donations of equipment will be through our Sylvania office.


Information and Referral Services
These services continue to be available over the phone and live chat through abilitycenter.org

Youth and Transition Services
Continue to provide services virtually. Services include intakes, wellness checks, provide resources and referrals, goal development and progress in the areas of: employment, self-advocacy, transition, future planning, recreation and leisure, peer mentoring, independent living, and family support.

"Coffee break" virtual gatherings will also be offered to consumers and their families to connect with their peers and learn about topics like sensory activities, coping, employment, summer experiences, distance learning for college students, etc.

The advocacy team is currently in touch with state and local partners and decision makers to ensure that the needs of the disability community are being considered.

Medical Equipment
We will continue providing needed medical equipment utilizing “social distancing” procedures. Medical Equipment pick-up is available by appointment to minimize contact.

Pick up location for equipment is 5033 Skelly Road, Sylvania, OH 43560.

Home Accessibility
All operations have resumed with special precautions for our staff and your safety. We are currently performing interior and exterior projects.

Assistance Dogs
Assistance Dog staff continues to work with fosters and consumers. Most dog training is being done using Zoom and other virtual platforms.