City of Toledo Adopts Disability-Justice Framework

City of Toledo Adopts Disability-Justice Framework

The “5 I’s of Disability Justice” is a policy framework built on foundational values of the disability rights movement. The purpose is for lawmakers to ensure policies are beneficial to people with disabilities in the community. Five critical questions should be asked in the early stages of planning policy so individuals with disabilities have a seat at the table and be proactive in the planning process.

When used by the policy maker, the 5 I’s framework ensures the creation of truly disability friendly public policy. This concept was created by our Director of Strategic Engagement, Sam Melden during this University of Toledo Disability Studies Capstone.

This initiative will be supported by the Lucas County Commission on Disability.

Read more on this and other City of Toledo inclusion initiatives. Download the poster here.

  • Involvement
  • Independence
  • Inclusion
  • Implementation
  • Intersectionality