Winter Blues

January 12th, 2021
Winter Blues


Here are some tips to help manage stress during the Wintertime.

  • Exercise: There are many ways you can stay physically active during the winter.
  • Walking: You can walk inside around the house, walk in place, or bundle up and walk around your yard or neighborhood.
  • Yoga or Meditation: There are many online videos
  • Online Apps or YouTube exercise videos: You can search for Zumba, workout dance videos, or kickboxing and find some free workout videos to try.
  • Journaling: Write down your thoughts!
  • Listen to music or calming music.
  • Doodling or coloring Books
  • Puzzles or mind building: Using your brain on puzzles or building something can help ease your mind and distract you.
  • Connecting with others: Skype, FaceTime, House Party app, Zoom, texting, emailing, or phone calls to catch up.
  • Learn a new hobby: Trying something new might spark a new interest or hobby
  • Crafting: painting, sculpting, drawing, coloring, sewing, knitting, woodwork, pottery, etc.
  • Cooking/Baking: Recipe ideas can be found on,, or
  • Animals: Train a pet, teach your pet a new trick or skill, or research and learn about a new animal.
  • Physical activity: research and learn a new physical skill (kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, dancing, weight training, etc.)