IN THE NEWS: Gabe’s Ramp on 13abc

IN THE NEWS: Gabe’s Ramp on 13abc

-- [Reporter Madison Humphrey, 13abc]

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) - Imagine moving into your brand new home, but you can't get in the front door. That was the reality for 16-year-old Gabe Anteau.

"It was just a piece of plywood that would go straight up the steps, and I would have to have somebody help me up," Gabe said. "I couldn't do it on my own."

That's when the Ability Center of Greater Toledo stepped in. Thanks to funding from the Community Development Block Grant, it was able to build a more than six thousand dollar ramp for Gabe last year.

"Now Gabe is able to get off the bus, get into his home," Community Relations Specialist Mallory Crooks said. "He's able to go hang out with friends without having to ask his parents to help him or assist him out of his home. It's really all about providing him that independence and the comfort of being able to do things on his own."

This is the second ramp Gabe's received from the Ability Center. The first was built at his old home when he was just a little boy.

The Ability Center can also provide stair lifts, grab bars and more for people living with disabilities.

"They've really helped a lot with me being able to get my independence and me being able to go out more, out of the house without needing anybody," Gabe added.

"We're really able to provide the physical impact, but we're also removing those social barriers and really providing independence for people with disabilities," Crooks said.

While Gabe may have to use a wheelchair to get around, this basketball loving teen doesn't let it define him or stop him.

"Keep going. Keep trying," Gabe said.

More grant funding is available to make homes more accessible for those with disabilities.


Contact The Ability Center for an application for a home modification.