Ohio Budget

2019 The Ability Center Budget Priorities


Budget Timeline


Transportation and Health Care are considered to be the two most important and impactful issues facing people with disabilities in Ohio.

  • Transportation:
    • Increase Funding to Regional Transit Authorities in order to create regional networks of accessible, reliable, affordable public transportation.
    • Ensure that the line item for mobility management is fully funded.

Transportation: The Ability Center believes in a safe, affordable, robust and barrier free transportation system that supports individuals with disabilities in full community integration. Persons with disabilities need transportation in order to work, volunteer, shop, participate in recreational and family functions and otherwise contribute to their community. Priority topics include:

  • Double state funding for public transit authorities to 14.6 million and ask the state to contribute half of the local match for FTA funded projects;
  • Preserve and ensure full funding for the Mobility Manager program with a $6.7 million state match;
  • Preserve and increase options for benefits-funded transportation for persons with disabilities including non-emergency medical transportation through ODJFS and Medicaid cab through Medicaid Waivers.
  • Health Care:
    • Increase Funding for Personal Care Attendant/Home Health Aide Wages.
    • Preserve Medicaid Expansion; Continued funding for Home Choice.
  • Increase state funding to support Ohio Centers for Independent Living.

Health Care: The Ability Center advocates for funding in the Medicaid Budget for the following priorities:

  • Increased Wages for Personal Care Attendants/Home Health Aides to $13/ hour;
  • Fund ODM’s HOME Choice Program;
  • Preserve and continue Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion.

Funding for Centers for Independent Living: The Ability Center advocates for increased funding for Ohio’s 12 Centers for Independent Living. CILs are a one-stop resource for many Ohioans with disabilities, providing a variety of programs and services, and our collective goal is to assist these citizens to live independently int heir community of choice.

  • Ohio ranks at the very bottom in the region for state funding to the CILs;
  • Increase state funding for Centers for Independent Living by $1.8 million dollars in the 2019 Budget in order to expand services to all 88 counties.

What You Can Do:

Contact your Ohio Senators and Representatives at the state level who oversee the budget process. Legislators must be made aware of the benefits of our budget advocacy priorities to all Ohioans.