New Name – Same Service – Community Living Program

New Name – Same Service – Community Living Program


You may have heard reports about the future of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) Program that helps people living in institutions find accessible and affordable housing in the community. This national initiative provides resources needed for people with disabilities to achieve community-based living.

The Ability Center’s Nursing Home Transition Program supports this initiative through HOME Choice, a state funded program in which Ability Center staff work as Transition Coordinators, meeting needs and addressing barriers to affordable and accessible housing.

MFP Program Goals

  1. Increase the use of home and community-based services and reduce the use of institutionally-based services.
  2. Eliminate barriers in state law, state Medicaid plans, and state budgets that restrict the use of Medicaid funds to let people receive long-term care in the settings of their choice.

The Money Follows the Person grant enrollment ended December 31, 2018. Beyond the Grant, Ohio’s transition program, keeps the services and supports of HOME Choice alive with state funding.


To better reflect the service we provide to people with disabilities, The Ability Center’s Nursing Home Transition Program is changing its name. Our program named Nursing Home Transition will now be called “Community Living” to demonstrate the service of providing support where it’s needed most. Staff supports through diversion (assisting individuals to avoid institutional placement) or transition (relocating individuals from a facility into affordable and accessible housing).

We will continue to develop community partnerships that work towards creating opportunities for people to thrive in an inclusive community.