Lucas County 911 Text To Call

Lucas County 911 Text To Call

Lucas County residents now have the ability to text 911 in case of emergencies. Lucas County leaders announced the roll out of the service on conference at the Emergency Services Building.

Not only will this service improve communications for the disability community but also a necessary alternative for domestic violence and other violent situations.

Personally I see this as a huge benefit for those individuals that have some kind of communication barrier and for those that are in unable to place a call safely to effectively communicate via texting with a specialized trained 911 Operator.

It is Important to know although we live in a texting society that text-to-911 is not to replace calling. There will be a longer response time and you must have your location services turned on or prepared to give exact location in order for the operator to know where you are. This is a wonderful expansion for our community's emergency services.

- Angie Goodnight, Chair of the Lucas County Commission on Disabilities and Information and Outreach Coordinator at The Ability Center.

Watch live press conference here.