Path to Empowerment Grant

Path to Empowerment

Grant funded by the National Council on Independent Living

Support from the ones who see disability differently

Outreach to rehabilitation facilities connecting individuals with independent living resources has always been a high priority of The Ability Center (ACT). Through The Ability Center’s Path to Empowerment grant, funded by the National Council on Independent Living, we are improving quality of life for countless people in our community who have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI).


ACT as an agency has a deep understanding on how to execute a smoother, quicker, and more manageable transition from rehab to independent living. With the Path to Empowerment grant, we are tapping into multiple ACT programs. Everything from advocacy to recreational opportunities, ACT will be there from square one, allowing individuals to create their own path to independence.


To make it happen, ACT’s Home Accessibility Program builds temporary ramps on individual’s homes to make living independently in their own home a reality. Covering the cost of disability-related equipment is another unique component of this grant. Shower chairs, grab bars, manual wheelchairs, and vehicle hand-controls are examples of items that may be funded by the grant.

Financial assistance may also be available for the cost of equipment and supplies for a service dog through ACT’s Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence Program. The grant also supports Independent Living Skills Training including community reintegration and adaptive techniques for cooking and cleaning. Navigating transportation is another area of focus for those utilizing the grant.


Peer support is at the heart of what we do. Our staff will meet one on one with the individual and their families to help them understand the full range of support services available through ACT and community partners. ACT employees promote the benefits of working with a Center for Independent Living to each individual, putting the power in their hands. The Path to Empowerment grant focuses on consumer control and defining life on their terms. Delivering on our vision for making independence possible, our collaborations with local rehabilitation facilities are providing support where it’s needed most. If you or someone you know has recently suffered a spinal cord injury, connect with The Ability Center to learn how we can help.

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