Brianne Gruber Director of Outcome Measures and Marketing

Shortly after graduating from the University of Toledo, Brianne began working as a Job Placement Specialist, assisting people with disabilities in obtaining employment. She immediately knew it was a special position and she had an opportunity not everyone gets, and that is to help others change their lives. For four years Brianne worked with employers, educating them on disability in the workplace, how to train individuals, and the benefits of hiring someone with a disability.

Brianne joined the Center as a Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator working with transition youth to provide vocational counseling and other needed services to enable them to achieve competitive employment. She began working as the Customer Service Manager in October 2011. Brianne shares,” I get to come to work every day, talk to people with unique stories and educate them on all of the resources available to them.”

Brianne is an avid runner and spends much of her spare in training for ½ marathons and other competitions. The remainder of her time is spent enjoying her large family.

Debbie KellerCommunity Resource Advocate

Debbie is a proud graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and is a licensed social worker. She obtained a graduate level certificate in Contemporary Gerontological Practice from the University of Toledo and has a special interest in the senior population. Debbie has worked with the Options for Tomorrow program since its inception starting on the campus of the University of Toledo for the first three years and continuing back on the campus of The Ability Center. She believes strongly in being proactive in planning for the future and contributing to the community, so she participates on many boards that provide services for seniors and people with disabilities. Debbie currently works in the Information and Referral Department which is a busy department and the front door to our agency. She is a service-focused professional with a genuine compassion for others. Debbie is recognized as a resource person and feels it is important to identify the strengths in others and provide the tools they need to feel empowered to improve their situation.
Debbie and her husband Randy have been married for 41 years and have 3 grown children. They have been blessed with three beautiful grandchildren who, unfortunately, all live out of town but provide Debbie and Randy fun excursions to visit and entertain  with their energy and love of life.

Chris DaunhauerInformation and Referral/Equipment Loan Coordinator

ChrisDFor Chris, helping people has always been a driving force in her life. She has continually done whatever she can to lend an extra hand or be supportive to others. Being behind the scenes, making things happen has always been extremely gratifying for Chris. Her past experiences have built upon one another and now, she believes, she finds herself at her Mount Everest.

Chris shares of her experience, “In so many ways, The Ability Center is such a perfect match for me. I wanted a position that utilized all of my past work experience along with my passion to help people. I was born and raised in Toledo and married and raised a family in West Toledo. I am proud to be working at a center that is homegrown. There are many diamonds in Toledo and I believe that ACT is one, still being polished.”

Her role at The Ability Center is being the first voice or face to greet consumers in need of support. Chris says, “While continuing to learn exactly what we can do, I am expanding my knowledge, completing my degree in Business Administration. Each day is a learning experience for me in many ways, and it is my hope that I can make a difference to someone each and every day.”

Audrey JohnsonOutcome Measurement Coordinator

Audrey was employed at The Ability Center for four years in various roles before being named Outcome Measurement Coordinator. During this time, she worked in the Nursing Home Transition Program, was an Administrative Assistant at the front desk, and now in her current role in the Information & Referral Department.

Audrey shares about working at The Ability Center, “I feel the Ability Center is a natural fit for me. I’m a very easy-going person and I love helping others.”

“I enjoy doing surveys with the consumers and our community that we serve. Their input is so valuable in perusing our goals here at The Ability Center. The data that I collect not only tells us how we are doing as an agency helping our community, but it’s also a way that donors can see how their contributions impact those that we serve. It’s a very rewarding job!”

In her free time, Audrey enjoys camping, exercising, church activities, and spending time with her family.

Kristina ErvinAdministrative Assistant

DSC_6081“A friend told me years ago that The Ability Center is a great place to work; so when I decided that I needed a change, The Ability Center was the only place I considered. Before I came to the Center, I worked with a local charter school. I enjoyed helping children and families reach their full potential,” shares Kristina about her experience.

Kristina has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Toledo. Her dream used to be a “her and her microscope” job, but since found that she is much more of a people person. Helping individuals achieve their goals is very satisfying to her.

Kristina is very proud of her two teenage sons.


Angie GoodnightInformation and Community Outreach Coordinator

angie-hiserAngie owned and operated Angie’s Angels, a home health care agency. For several years, she thoroughly enjoyed working closely with people with disabilities. It was her only connection to disability until 1998, when she contracted pancreatitis during a pregnancy. She lapsed into a coma for 14 days.

When Angie woke she found she had a new baby daughter and had lost her vision. Over the next year, Angie had to relearn how to do everything. As an Information and Outreach Coordinator at the Center, she assists many people on a daily basis. Angie loves to educate people with disabilities about the services available at the Center and in the community.